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Magic: The Gathering : Magic Events
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Win-a-Box Pioneer

Event Info

Win-a-Box Standard

Event Info

Lion`s Eye Diamond Legacy

Event Info

Win-a-Box Modern FNM

Event Info

Pioneer Weekend

Event Info
Monday FREE Modern 6pm $0.00
Monday Pioneer 6 pm $2.00
Tuesday Standard 6pm $2.00
Wednesday Draft 6pm Swiss $12.00
Wednesday Legacy 6:30 pm $5.00
Wednesday Pioneer 6pm Swiss $2.00
Thursday Commander Multiplayer 4-man pods 6pm $1.00
Thursday Modern 6pm $2.00
Friday FNM Draft 5:30 pm $12.00
Friday FNM Standard 6pm $5.00
Friday FNM Modern 6:30 pm $5.00
Saturday FREE Pokemon 3:30 pm $0.00
Saturday D&D
Saturday Yu-Gi-Oh Advanced 11am $3.50

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