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Magic: The Gathering : Scars of Mirrodin
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
Abuna Acolyte $0.20 U NM/M
Accorder`s Shield $0.35 C NM/M
Acid Web Spider $0.20 U NM/M
Alpha Tyrranax $0.10 C NM/M
Arc Trail $0.25 U NM/M
Argent Sphinx $0.75 R NM/M
Argentum Armor $1.50 R NM/M
Arrest $0.20 C NM/M
Asceticism $10.00 R NM/M
Asceticism $8.60 R EX/F
Assault Strobe $0.20 C NM/M
Auriok Edgewright $0.20 U NM/M
Auriok Replica $0.10 C NM/M
Auriok Sunchaser $0.10 C NM/M
Barbed Battlegear $0.20 U NM/M
Barrage Ogre $0.20 U NM/M
Bellowing Tanglewurm $0.20 U NM/M
Out Blackcleave Cliffs $17.00 R NM/M
Blackcleave Cliffs $14.76 R EX/F
Blackcleave Goblin $0.10 C NM/M
Blade-Tribe Berserkers $0.10 C NM/M
Bladed Pinions $0.10 C NM/M
Bleak Coven Vampires $0.10 C NM/M
Blight Mamba $1.25 C NM/M
Blistergrub $0.10 C NM/M
Bloodshot Trainee $0.20 U NM/M
Blunt the Assault $0.10 C NM/M
Bonds of Quicksilver $0.10 C NM/M
Out Carapace Forger $0.10 C NM/M
Carnifex Demon $0.40 R NM/M
Carrion Call $0.20 U NM/M
Cerebral Eruption $0.40 R NM/M
Chimeric Mass $0.70 R NM/M
Chimeric Mass $0.53 R EX/F
Chrome Steed $0.10 C NM/M
Clone Shell $0.20 U NM/M
Out Contagion Clasp $1.50 U NM/M
Contagion Engine $15.00 R NM/M
Contagion Engine $13.00 R EX/F
Contagious Nim $0.10 C NM/M
Copper Myr $0.10 C NM/M
Copperhorn Scout $0.10 C NM/M
Copperline Gorge $4.80 R NM/M
Copperline Gorge $4.02 R EX/F
Corpse Cur $0.25 C NM/M
Corrupted Harvester $0.20 U NM/M
Culling Dais $0.20 U NM/M
Cystbearer $0.10 C NM/M
Darkslick Drake $0.20 U NM/M
Darkslick Shores $7.20 R NM/M
Darkslick Shores $6.14 R EX/F
Darksteel Axe $0.30 U NM/M
Darksteel Juggernaut $1.50 R NM/M
Darksteel Juggernaut $1.13 R EX/F
Darksteel Myr $0.30 U NM/M
Darksteel Sentinel $0.20 U NM/M
Dispense Justice $0.20 U NM/M
Disperse $0.10 C NM/M
Dissipation Field $1.85 R NM/M
Dissipation Field $1.43 R EX/F
Dross Hopper $0.10 C NM/M
Echo Circlet $0.10 C NM/M
Elspeth Tirel $13.00 RM NM/M
Elspeth Tirel $11.24 RM EX/F
Embersmith $0.20 U NM/M
Engulfing Slagwurm $0.40 R NM/M
Etched Champion $1.60 R NM/M
Etched Champion $1.20 R EX/F
Exsanguinate $4.80 U NM/M
Ezuri, Renegade Leader $3.00 R NM/M
Ezuri`s Archers $0.20 C NM/M
Ezuri`s Brigade $0.70 R NM/M
Ferrovore $0.10 C NM/M
Flameborn Hellion $0.10 C NM/M
Flesh Allergy $0.20 U NM/M
Flight Spellbomb $0.10 C NM/M
Out Forest $0.50 C NM/M
Out Forest $0.50 C NM/M
Out Forest $0.50 C NM/M
Fulgent Distraction $0.10 C NM/M
Fume Spitter $0.10 C NM/M
Furnace Celebration $0.20 U NM/M
Galvanic Blast $0.50 C NM/M
Out Genesis Wave $8.00 R NM/M
Genesis Wave $6.84 R EX/F
Geth, Lord of the Vault $2.00 RM NM/M
Geth, Lord of the Vault $1.56 RM EX/F
Ghalma`s Warden $0.10 C NM/M
Glimmerpoint Stag $0.20 U NM/M
Glimmerpost $0.25 C NM/M
Glint Hawk $0.20 C NM/M
Glint Hawk Idol $0.20 C NM/M
Goblin Gaveleer $0.10 C NM/M
Out Gold Myr $0.30 C NM/M
Golden Urn $0.10 C NM/M
Golem Artisan $0.20 U NM/M
Golem Foundry $0.10 C NM/M
Golem`s Heart $0.20 U NM/M
Grafted Exoskeleton $2.50 U NM/M
Grafted Exoskeleton $2.00 U EX/F
Out Grand Architect $3.00 R NM/M
Grasp of Darkness $0.35 C NM/M
Grindclock $1.00 R NM/M
Halt Order $0.20 U NM/M
Out Hand of the Praetors $3.40 R NM/M
Hand of the Praetors $2.79 R EX/F
Heavy Arbalest $0.20 U NM/M
Hoard-Smelter Dragon $0.40 R NM/M
Horizon Spellbomb $0.10 C NM/M
Ichor Rats $1.20 U NM/M
Ichorclaw Myr $1.25 C NM/M
Indomitable Archangel $2.00 RM NM/M
Indomitable Archangel $1.56 RM EX/F
Inexorable Tide $4.00 R NM/M
Inexorable Tide $3.32 R EX/F
Infiltration Lens $0.50 U NM/M
Instill Infection $0.10 C NM/M
Iron Myr $0.10 C NM/M
Out Island $0.50 C NM/M
Out Island $0.50 C NM/M
Out Island $0.50 C NM/M
Out Island $0.50 C NM/M
Kemba, Kha Regent $0.75 R NM/M
Kemba, Kha Regent $0.56 R EX/F
Kemba`s Skyguard $0.10 C NM/M
Koth of the Hammer $7.00 RM NM/M
Out Kuldotha Forgemaster $2.00 R NM/M
Kuldotha Phoenix $0.40 R NM/M
Kuldotha Rebirth $0.20 C NM/M
Leaden Myr $0.10 C NM/M
Leonin Arbiter $7.00 R NM/M
Liege of the Tangle $2.80 RM NM/M
Liege of the Tangle $2.26 RM EX/F
Lifesmith $0.20 U NM/M
Liquimetal Coating $1.00 U NM/M
Livewire Lash $1.50 R NM/M
Loxodon Wayfarer $0.10 C NM/M
Lumengrid Drake $0.10 C NM/M
Out Lux Cannon $6.00 RM NM/M
Melt Terrain $0.10 C NM/M
Memnite $2.00 U NM/M
Memnite $1.56 U EX/F
Memoricide $0.90 R NM/M
Mimic Vat $2.00 R NM/M
Mimic Vat $1.56 R EX/F
Out Mindslaver $6.00 RM NM/M
Mindslaver $5.08 RM EX/F
Molder Beast $0.10 C NM/M
Molten Psyche $3.30 R NM/M
Molten Psyche $2.70 R EX/F
Molten-Tail Masticore $0.90 RM NM/M
Moriok Reaver $0.10 C NM/M
Moriok Replica $0.10 C NM/M
Out Mountain $0.50 C NM/M
Out Mountain $0.50 C NM/M
Out Mountain $0.50 C NM/M
Out Mountain $0.50 C NM/M
Mox Opal $48.00 RM NM/M
Myr Battlesphere $1.00 R NM/M
Myr Battlesphere $0.75 R EX/F
Myr Galvanizer $0.80 U NM/M
Myr Propagator $1.00 R NM/M
Myr Reservoir $1.00 R NM/M
Myrsmith $0.20 U NM/M
Necrogen Censer $0.10 C NM/M
Necrogen Scudder $0.20 U NM/M
Necropede $1.00 U NM/M
Necrotic Ooze $3.00 R NM/M
Necrotic Ooze $2.44 R EX/F
Neurok Invisimancer $0.10 C NM/M
Neurok Replica $0.10 C NM/M
Nihil Spellbomb $0.50 C NM/M
Nim Deathmantle $9.00 R NM/M
Ogre Geargrabber $0.20 U NM/M
Origin Spellbomb $0.10 C NM/M
Oxidda Daredevil $0.10 C NM/M
Oxidda Scrapmelter $0.20 U NM/M
Painful Quandary $12.00 R NM/M
Painsmith $0.20 U NM/M
Palladium Myr $1.00 U NM/M
Panic Spellbomb $0.10 C NM/M
Perilous Myr $0.20 C NM/M
Plague Stinger $0.40 C NM/M
Out Plains $0.50 C NM/M
Out Plains $0.50 C NM/M
Out Plains $0.50 C NM/M
Out Plains $0.50 C NM/M
Plated Seastrider $0.10 C NM/M
Platinum Emperion $12.00 RM NM/M
Poison Counter [infect][token] $0.25 T NM/M
Precursor Golem $0.70 R NM/M
Precursor Golem $0.53 R EX/F
Prototype Portal $1.00 R NM/M
Prototype Portal $0.75 R EX/F
Psychic Miasma $0.10 C NM/M
Putrefax $1.00 R NM/M
Quicksilver Gargantuan $1.00 RM NM/M
Ratchet Bomb $2.00 R NM/M
Ratchet Bomb $1.56 R EX/F
Razor Hippogriff $0.20 U NM/M
Razorfield Thresher $0.10 C NM/M
Razorverge Thicket $8.00 R NM/M
Razorverge Thicket $6.84 R EX/F
Relic Putrescence $0.10 C NM/M
Revoke Existence $0.10 C NM/M
Riddlesmith $0.20 U NM/M
Rust Tick $0.20 U NM/M
Rusted Relic $0.20 U NM/M
Saberclaw Golem $0.10 C NM/M
Salvage Scout $0.10 C NM/M
Scoria Elemental $0.10 C NM/M
Scrapdiver Serpent $0.10 C NM/M
Screeching Silcaw $0.10 C NM/M
Seachrome Coast $8.00 R NM/M
Seachrome Coast $6.84 R EX/F
Seize the Initiative $0.10 C NM/M
Semblance Anvil $7.00 R NM/M
Semblance Anvil $5.96 R EX/F
Shape Anew $1.00 R NM/M
Shatter $0.10 C NM/M
Out Silver Myr $0.35 C NM/M
Skinrender $0.50 U NM/M
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon $17.00 RM NM/M
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon $14.76 RM EX/F
Sky-Eel School $0.10 C NM/M
Slice in Twain $0.20 U NM/M
Snapsail Glider $0.10 C NM/M
Soliton $0.10 C NM/M
Soul Parry $0.10 C NM/M
Spikeshot Elder $1.50 R NM/M
Spikeshot Elder $1.13 R EX/F
Steady Progress $0.20 C NM/M
Steel Hellkite $0.75 R NM/M
Steel Hellkite $0.56 R EX/F
Stoic Rebuttal $0.20 C NM/M
Strata Scythe $0.40 R NM/M
Strider Harness $0.10 C NM/M
Sunblast Angel $0.75 R NM/M
Sunspear Shikari $0.10 C NM/M
Out Swamp $0.50 C NM/M
Out Swamp $0.50 C NM/M
Out Swamp $0.50 C NM/M
Out Swamp $0.50 C NM/M
Out Sword of Body and Mind $19.00 RM NM/M
Sword of Body and Mind $16.52 RM EX/F
Sylvok Lifestaff $0.10 C NM/M
Sylvok Replica $0.10 C NM/M
Tainted Strike $0.10 C NM/M
Tangle Angler $0.20 U NM/M
Tel-Jilad Defiance $0.10 C NM/M
Tel-Jilad Fallen $0.10 C NM/M
Out Tempered Steel $1.50 R NM/M
Throne of Geth $1.50 U NM/M
Thrummingbird $0.50 U NM/M
Tower of Calamities $0.40 R NM/M
Trigon of Corruption $0.20 U NM/M
Trigon of Infestation $0.20 U NM/M
Trigon of Mending $0.20 U NM/M
Trigon of Rage $0.20 U NM/M
Trigon of Thought $0.20 U NM/M
Trinket Mage $0.50 U NM/M
True Conviction $2.00 R NM/M
True Conviction $1.56 R EX/F
Tumble Magnet $0.30 C NM/M
Tunnel Ignus $0.40 R NM/M
Tunnel Ignus $0.30 R EX/F
Turn Aside $0.10 C NM/M
Turn to Slag $0.10 C NM/M
Twisted Image $0.50 U NM/M
Untamed Might $0.10 C NM/M
Vault Skyward $0.10 C NM/M
Vector Asp $0.10 C NM/M
Vedalken Certarch $0.10 C NM/M
Out Venser, the Sojourner $15.00 RM NM/M
Venser`s Journal $7.00 R NM/M
Venser`s Journal $5.96 R EX/F
Vigil for the Lost $0.20 U NM/M
Viridian Revel $0.20 U NM/M
Volition Reins $0.20 U NM/M
Vulshok Heartstoker $0.10 C NM/M
Vulshok Replica $0.10 C NM/M
Wall of Tanglecord $0.10 C NM/M
Whitesun`s Passage $0.10 C NM/M
Wing Puncture $0.20 C NM/M
Withstand Death $0.10 C NM/M
Out Wurm [token][3/3 deathtouch] $7.25 T NM/M
Out Wurm [token][3/3 lifelink] $7.25 T NM/M
Wurmcoil Engine $20.00 RM NM/M
Wurmcoil Engine $17.40 RM EX/F

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