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Star Wars (Decipher) : 2-Player Hoth
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
A Few Manuevers FOIL $20.40 F F/NM
Out Agents Of The Court/No Love For The Empire $0.60 R F/NM
Out Alter (D) FOIL $16.40 F F/NM
Out Alter (L) FOIL $14.90 F F/NM
Alter (L) FOIL $13.06 F G/EX
Arleil Schous $0.40 F F/NM
Asteroid Sanctuary(in celophane) $2.88 F F/NM
Out Battle Order FOIL $31.40 F F/NM
Out Battle Plan FOIL $28.70 F F/NM
Chall Bekan $0.80 F F/NM
Chewie (wb) $1.68 F F/NM
Out Clash of Sabers FOIL $4.50 F F/NM
Out Corellian Corvette FOIL $36.90 F F/NM
Corulag (D) $0.40 F F/NM
Corulag (L) $0.40 F F/NM
Out Dark Manuevers FOIL $19.80 F F/NM
Darth Maul with Lightsaber FOIL $54.30 F F/NM
Death Star: Docking Control Room 327 (wb) $1.50 R NM/M
Death Star: Level 6 Core Shaft Corridor (wb) $1.50 F F/NM
Dreadnaugth-Class Heavy Cruiser $2.80 F F/NM
Eriadu $0.90 PM F/NM
Faithful Service $0.40 F F/NM
For Luck $0.60 PM F/NM
Forced Servitude $0.40 F F/NM
Gold Leader in Gold 1 $1.10 F F/NM
Out Gold Squadron Y-wing $0.70 F F/NM
Gravity Shadow $0.80 PM F/NM
Out Grimtaash FOIL $20.40 F F/NM
Han $1.70 PM F/NM
Hoth: Mountains (6th Marker) (wb) $2.60 R NM/M
Hoth: Mountains (6th Marker) (wb) $2.11 R EX/F
Hutt Influence $0.60 R NM/M
Imperial Arrest Order FOIL $14.10 F F/NM
Out Imperial Barrier FOIL $27.90 F F/NM
Imperial Decree FOIL $12.90 F F/NM
Imperial Walker (wb) $2.00 F F/NM
Out Imperial-class Star Destroyer FOIL $43.20 F F/NM
Insurrection FOIL $17.50 F F/NM
It Could Be Worse FOIL $12.70 F F/NM
Out It`s a Hit $0.80 F F/NM
Jabba`s Palace: Antechamber $1.20 R F/NM
Out Jabba`s Palace: Lower Passages $0.60 R F/NM
Lando With Vibro-Ax $1.90 R F/NM
Leia $0.60 PM F/NM
Leia (wb) $1.00 F F/NM
Lone Rogue (wb) $0.40 F F/NM
Luke (wb) $1.00 F F/NM
Luke`s T-16 Skyhopper $0.80 PM F/NM
Out Masterful Move FOIL $4.60 F F/NM
Out Mercenary Pilot $0.60 R F/NM
Out Mighty Jabba $0.90 R F/NM
Out Monnok FOIL $19.30 F F/NM
Motti $1.70 PM F/NM
My Kind Of Scum/Fearless And Inventive $1.20 R F/NM
No Escape $1.90 R F/NM
Obsidian Squadron TIE $1.50 F F/NM
Ounee Ta $1.90 R F/NM
Ounee Ta $1.49 R G/EX
Palace Raider $3.84 R F/NM
Power Of The Hutt $1.50 R F/NM
Power Of The Hutt $1.13 R G/EX
Qui-Gon Jinn with Lightsaber FOIL $54.10 F F/NM
Qui-Gon Jinn with Lightsaber FOIL $49.03 F G/EX
Out R-3PO(in celophane) $7.30 F F/NM
Out Racing Skiff (D) $0.60 R F/NM
Out Racing Skiff (L) $0.60 R F/NM
Rebel Barrier FOIL $15.20 F F/NM
Rebel Snowspeeder (wb) $2.48 F F/NM
Rebel Trooper Recruit $0.80 F F/NM
Red Leader in Red 1 $0.80 F F/NM
Out Red Squadron X-wing $1.00 F F/NM
Run Luke, Run! (wb) $1.00 F F/NM
Seeking An Audience $2.24 R F/NM
Seeking An Audience $1.79 R G/EX
Sense (D) FOIL $7.76 F F/NM
Out Sense (L) FOIL $20.40 F F/NM
Out Snowspeeder FOIL $15.60 F F/NM
Stormtrooper Cadet $1.84 F F/NM
Out Stun Blaster $1.00 R F/NM
Stun Blaster $0.40 R F/NM
Tarkin $1.60 PM F/NM
Tarkin`s Orders $1.30 F F/NM
Out Tatooine: Desert Heart $0.80 R F/NM
Out Tatooine: Hutt Trade Route $0.90 R F/NM
Tatooine: Jundland Wastes $0.40 F F/NM
Tatooine: Tusken Canyon $1.00 F F/NM
Tedn Dahal $0.60 PM F/NM
Out The Signal FOIL $8.90 F F/NM
The Signal FOIL $7.72 F G/EX
Out Twi`lek Advisor FOIL $15.60 F F/NM
Out Underworld Contacts $0.60 R F/NM
Vader (wb) $1.00 F F/NM
Vader`s Obsession (wb) $1.20 F F/NM
Veers (wb) $1.50 F F/NM
Veers (wb) $1.13 F G/EX
Walker Garrison (wb) $1.30 F F/NM
Walker Garrison (wb) $0.98 F G/EX
Out You Are Beaten $7.30 F F/NM
Out Z-95 Headhunter $1.10 F F/NM

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