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Star Wars (Decipher) : Hoth
Qty Item Price Rarity Condition
2-1B (Too-Onebee) $1.50 R1 F/NM
Out Admiral Ozzel $5.30 R1 F/NM
Anakin`s Lightsaber $6.24 R1 F/NM
Anakin`s Lightsaber $5.35 R1 G/EX
Artillery Remote $0.40 R2 F/NM
Bacta Tank $0.90 R2 F/NM
Blizzard 1 $3.36 R1 F/NM
Out Blizzard 2 $1.10 R2 F/NM
Blizzard Scout 1 $3.60 R1 F/NM
Captain Piett $0.40 R2 F/NM
Collapsing Corridor $0.40 R2 F/NM
Commander Luke Skywalker $7.60 R1 F/NM
Concussion Grenade $3.20 R1 F/NM
Dack Ralter $0.40 R2 F/NM
Out Dark Dissension $1.10 R1 F/NM
Death Mark $3.50 R1 F/NM
Debris Zone $0.40 R2 F/NM
Disarming Creature $0.70 R1 F/NM
Echo Base Operations $0.40 R2 F/NM
Frozen Dinner $3.12 R1 F/NM
Furry Fury $0.80 R2 F/NM
General Carlist Rieekan $0.40 R2 F/NM
General Veers $14.00 R1 F/NM
High Anxiety $1.20 R1 F/NM
Hoth: Wampa Cave $0.80 R2 F/NM
I Thought They Smelled Bad On The Outside $1.00 R1 F/NM
Image Of The Dark Lord $1.30 R2 F/NM
Out K-3PO (Kay-Threepio) $1.10 R1 F/NM
Major Bren Derlin $0.40 R2 F/NM
Meteor Impact? $8.30 R1 F/NM
Mournful Roar $1.50 R1 F/NM
Planet Defender Ion Cannon $0.40 R2 F/NM
Out R-3PO (Ar-Threepio) $1.10 R2 F/NM
Responsibility Of Command $1.20 R1 F/NM
Rogue 1 $5.00 R1 F/NM
Rogue 2 $0.40 R2 F/NM
Rogue 3 $1.70 R1 F/NM
Rug Hug $3.20 R1 F/NM
Scruffy-Looking Nerf Herder $0.40 R2 F/NM
Out Snowspeeder $0.60 U2 F/NM
Stalker $5.40 R1 F/NM
Surface Defense Cannon $0.40 R2 F/NM
Out Tactical Support $0.80 R2 F/NM
Target The Main Generator $1.70 R2 F/NM
Target The Main Generator $1.31 R2 G/EX
Out The First Transport Is Away! $0.80 R1 F/NM
Out This Is Just Wrong $0.70 R1 F/NM
Trample $4.10 R1 F/NM
Tyrant $3.80 R1 F/NM
Tyrant $3.18 R1 G/EX
Wampa $0.60 R2 F/NM
Out Weapon Malfunction $0.80 R1 F/NM
Wes Janson $0.80 R2 F/NM
Out Who`s Scruffy-Looking? $1.00 R1 F/NM
Yaggle Gakkle $0.40 R2 F/NM
Out You Have Failed Me For The Last Time $0.80 R1 F/NM
You Will Go To The Dagobah System $2.10 R1 F/NM
Zev Senesca $0.40 R2 F/NM

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